The Title plan illustrates the extent of the property owned, outlining it in red. Where parts of the property are affected by easements (e.g. rights of way) or restrictive covenants, coloured markings are used to indicate them. Repair and maintenance obligations for boundary structures (e.g. fences and walls) are indicated on the Title Plan by coloured markings and T markings, and explained in the Title Register. Areas of land removed from ownership are outlined in green.

Markings and colours used in the The Title Plan are described and explained in the Title Register. You may, therefore, consider it prudent to include the Title Register with your purchase.

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These two official documents are the main title documents of land and property. They are the modern version of Title Deeds, Property Deeds, House Deeds or Land Deeds. The Title Register is the official record of ownership – it confirms the details of the current registered owners and all the terms of ownership. It is the only document which provides proof of ownership for land and property owners. The Title Plan is designed to be read in conjunction with the Title Register. It shows the position of the boundaries and extent of ownership. The Title Plan often contains markings which are explained in the Title Register.

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