Land Registry Searches & House Deeds Online

The Title Register and Title Plan are the 2 main title documents of a house, and are often referred to as the House Deeds.

Title Registers

A Title Register contains full ownership information, including the name and address of the owner(s), rights of access and other easements, maintenance responsibilities, financial charges/mortgages, restrictive covenants, details of Leases, Transfers and Conveyances, tenure, Title Number, price paid and more . . .

Title Plans

A Title Plan shows the extent of ownership and reveals information relating to the boundaries. Maintenance responsibilities for boundary structures, easements (i.e. drainage easements and rights of way) and covenants are indicated on the Title Plan by coloured markings and T markings. The Title Plan is normally drawn to scale 1:1250.

Map Search

Obtain Title Registers and Title Plans for any property or land without a postal address, such as a barn, garage, building plot, woodland, riverbank, field, estate road, common land, alleyway and so on. Place a marker on a map to identify the property or land, and establish the name and address of owner(s) and other important information.